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We mean what we say -
reuse. reuse. REUSE!

Here at govino, we have always believed reuse is the greatest form of sustainability. That’s why, since our inception in 2008, we have reminded our customers to reuse, reuse, reuse … and only then recycle. Today, thanks to our highly durable, dishwasher safe polymers, we believe in taking reuse to another level. 
Like fine crystal stemware, over time a govino glass may show some of its wear. It is with this we started hearing how our customers would reuse govino for other purposes – some fun and whimsical and some truly inspiring. We never imagined a govino enthusiast would grow an avocado in one of our glasses! 
This got us wondering how you would reinvent your well-seasoned govino and create a new chapter to our story? Share your reuse story on lnstagram @govino
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