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A Pursuit for the Best Whisky Decanter: Shopping Tips

Any expert will tell you that shopping for the ideal spirits decanter is an art.

A whisky decanter differs from a wine decanter in that whisky is not normally decanted in the same manner that wine is. Wine is decanted to enable sediment to settle and air to help the wine’s tastes grow stronger. Whisky does not contain sediment, and air exposure may negatively influence the tastes; therefore, a decent decanter will serve a completely different purpose. Choosing the greatest whisky decanter begins with calculating how large a unit you want and then choosing one that falls within your budget.

Why Put Whisky in a Decanter?

Unlike wine decanters, which allow flavours to blossom and sediment from older vintages to be purged, whisky does not benefit in the same manner. When it comes to whisky decanters, it’s all about the look. Finding the proper glassware for your home bar is a continuous effort, but it is worthwhile to invest in to improve the aesthetics of your bar or house.

What to Consider When Choosing A Whisky Decanter

1. Size

A typical bottle of whisky is 750 millilitres, or around 25 ounces. If you intend to pour a full bottle into the decanter, you’ll clearly need something larger.

2. Material

Decanters are typically made from either crystal or glass. Crystal is usually more expensive and has a more refined look, but it’s also less durable and may break if it’s dropped or hit against another hard surface. Glass is cheaper, more durable and less likely to break, but it’s also less refined-looking. In the end, it’s your preference as far as material is concerned.

3. The Seal Quality

Whisky oxidises more slowly than wine, but it still oxidises. A decanter with a solid, durable, airtight closure is ideal. When you transfer the whisky from the bottle to the decanter, you’re already removing it from its ideal habitat (the original bottle), so you don’t want to aggravate the situation by supplying a steady flow of oxygen due to a poor seal.

4. Shape

Decanters come in various shapes and styles, so you’ll have to decide what appeals to you. Some are straight, some are curved, some are short and stubby, and some are tall. You’re not limited to having a single shape, either. You can buy more than one if you’d like, and they can all be different.

5. Extras

Some decanters come with extras: stoppers, carrying cases and more. With the stopper, you can keep the decanter sealed between uses to avoid exposure to oxygen, and carrying cases make it easy to transport a decanter to a location where you intend to enjoy your whisky outside of your home.

Whisky Decanters for Your Liquid Sunshine

Choosing a proper whisky decanter is a matter of figuring out what you’re looking for and finding a glassware unit that fits your needs. The shape, size, material and seal quality are important considerations when you’re shopping for whisky decanters. Whisky does not need to be decanted, but it’s more visually appealing when it’s in a decanter, and the expert’s opinion is that a decanter will not affect the flavour of the whisky. Whether you’re looking for a gift, a decanter for your home bar, there are many options available to suit you.

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