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Selling More Beverages Using Styling Restaurant Glassware

Now more than ever, in this day and age of social media, restaurants and diners place a high value on food presentation. After all, nobody wants to eat and pay for something that does not seem appealing or appetising. 

When it comes to beautiful food presentations, chefs and cooks carefully arrange the garnishes, check that the main course is cooked properly, and serve the dish on a lovely plate with matching flatware and glassware. Today, let’s discuss and understand the importance of glassware in a restaurant and how this could lead to more beverage sales. Read on to learn more.

The Importance of Drink Presentation

Mixologists everywhere believe beverage glassware is just as important as the cocktail or the drink itself. When marketing alcoholic beverages, first impressions are just as important as their taste.

Particularly alcoholic beverages. Specialty cocktail menus are now available in most restaurants; this is no longer a passing craze. Poor presentation coupled with poor service, on the other hand, may reduce beverage sales.

The choosing of restaurant glassware is influenced by a myriad of major factors, such as:

  • The Look

Simple beverage glasses are well-known to everyone. Display your beverages in unique glasses. You can also distinguish your drinks by using various glasses. The goal is to make consumers believe they are receiving a one-of-a-kind mojito available exclusively at your location.

  • The Function

Strong stems and broad bases are required for good glasses. Don’t allow the glass’s beauty to detract from its ability to contain and distribute beverages! Bartenders like thicker bases because they keep cocktails cooler for longer.

  • The Pricing

The presentation influences pricing. It is simple to charge a premium for visually appealing drinks. When you serve a beverage in a more expensive glass, you make a few extra dollars.

  • The Overall Identity

This glassware sets you apart from other bars and restaurants. Funky glasses provide sophistication and a touch of fun to your venue and the experience of your customers. When guests leave, they can chat about it.

By stocking up on attractive yet functional cups, you may subtly demonstrate to clients how great your drinks are. A successful bar requires good glassware, but the key to success is the quality of the drinks.

Discovering the Best Wine Glassware

Given the recent authenticity and simplicity revolutions in restaurants, it is not surprising that there are now two opposing viewpoints on the wine glass debate, as well as others who agree with both. 

Today, many wine enthusiasts worldwide spend a lot of money on storage and glasses for each type of wine. Champagne flutes, syrah glasses, pinot noir glasses, chardonnay (and oaked chardonnay) glasses, Moscato, cabernet, and dessert wine glasses, among others, will be required for their collection. 

The Veritas collection from Riedel may be a good fit for your restaurant’s goals. This comes as a package of ten glasses divided by wine varieties into New World and Old World categories. 

Wine, beer, cocktail, and water glasses must also be taken into consideration. Stemware based on wine varietals is an expensive way to advertise your restaurant’s wine knowledge.

The Best of All Worlds: Balance in Wine

Balanced procedures are cost-effective and offer a wide range of lenses. There must be red, white, sparkling, and dessert wines. Keep various bar glasses on hand, but keep your choices simple and functional. A well-balanced selection of wine glasses provides serving options, but it will not distinguish your company. 

Moreover, there is also a one-size-fits-all approach to investing in all-purpose glasses for different types of drinks, whether wine or cocktails. If you choose this route, make sure to stock up on glasses. Use standard glasses, tumblers, or mason jars. This method saves money while producing a unique table arrangement. It may, however, turn off wine enthusiasts.

Looks May Be Everything

Indeed, a part of the drinking experience should be attributed to the “look” of the drink. This is most notable for experimental drinks that cocktail restaurants offer today. Now that you know how you may want to present your drinks menu, you can then upgrade and sell more beverages!

Govino offers you a wide range of stylish and unbreakable glasses. Our premium products are here to elevate your drink experience. Shop our collection today!

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