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How To Serve And Drink Gin Right: Drink Etiquette and Tips

Gin etiquette is the set of rules to properly serve and drink gin. Following gin etiquette will help avoid inappropriate behaviors that can upset your hosts or insult your guests. As the host, follow gin etiquette to serve your guests appropriately. As a guest, respect the gin etiquette rules so that you can enjoy the drink properly.

How To Serve And Drink Gin Right: Drink Etiquette and Tips

1 – How to Prepare Gin

Gin requires no special preparation prior to drinking. A martini glass is used to drink gin straight up or with ice. Rock glasses are used for gin and tonic. A highball glass is used for gin and ginger ale. Gin must be served cold, so keep your beverage in the refrigerator or freezer.

2 – How to Pour A Gin And Tonic

Fill the glass halfway with ice. Pour the gin into the glass and top the glass off with tonic water. Most bars use a two-to-one ratio of gin to tonic water.

3 – How to Serve Gin Straight

Fill a martini glass with ice. Pour the gin and then the vermouth into the glass. Stir the drink, or stir the gin in a circular motion. Add garnish, such as a lemon twist or an olive, to the drink and then serve it.

4 – Food to Pair Gin with

Gin is an easy drink to pair with food. It goes well with seafood, fruit, eggs and cheese and pairs well with chocolates and nuts. In general, gin tastes good with anything, and you should serve gin at any time of the day or night.

5 – Where To Serve Gin

Gin can be served anywhere. You can serve gin at home, at a party, or at a bar. You can serve gin at high Tea or in the afternoon. Serve gin at a formal event or informal event. Serve it at a cocktail party, an afternoon picnic or at a dinner party. Serve gin at a tailgate party or at a picnic.

6 – When to Serve Gin

Gin can be served at any time. There are some events where gin is the preferred drink, such as a picnic or a cocktail party. As a host, serve gin at any time that your guests will be drinking.

7 – How Much Gin to Serve

No matter what you’re serving, you should serve enough to be polite. You can’t be expected to serve food or drink that no one drinks. If your guests are drinking, serve them more of whatever they’re drinking.

8 – How to Drink Gin

There are three ways to drink gin: straight, with tonic water and with ice. Drinking gin straight is done with dignity and class. If you’re drinking along with friends, serve yourself a small glass to sip on. If you’re drinking by yourself, take a large glass and drink it straight.

The Bottom Line

Gin is a tasty drink that can be served based on personal preference. Learning how to properly serve and drink gin is easy as there aren’t many rules. It’s a simple drink that can be served at any time during the day or night.

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