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Going Stemless: The Wine Glass You Deserve

In case you didn’t know, white wines should be served in smaller glasses to keep their temperature, whilst red wines benefit from greater breathing room in broader glasses. Indeed, various wines require various glasses. Thus, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The enjoyment of almost every variety of wine necessitates the use of a specific shape of a wine glass, but the stem is rarely mentioned in wine discussions. Wine glasses without stems have grown in popularity during the last ten to twenty years. These glasses have a level base, allowing them to be stacked without the contents seeping out.

Read on to discover more about stemless wine glasses and why you should start using them today.

Stemmed vs. Stemless

The wine is consumed directly from the bowl and the type of wine poured influences the curvature of the bowl you use. The bowl form, which is the same in both types of glasses, is the most visible distinction between stemless and stemmed wine glasses.

You must understand that there are bowls that are made for different wine experiences. Some chill the wine or keep it at a constant temperature, others aerate it, meanwhile, there are also some that allow the aromas to surface. With that being said, the stem actually doesn’t do much. 

Again, it’s all about the experience you are looking for. Perhaps if you want to get the most out of your wine, get a bowl that will match the type of wine.

The Beauty of Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses have lower centres of gravity. This makes it far more difficult to spill the wine or knock it over. 

They also take up less storage space in your home. Some people do not possess wine racks or have a designated area in their home for storing wine glasses. When the glasses’ height is reduced, they may be placed in cupboards and drawers without taking up too much space. Furthermore, you can easily put them in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning.

The lack of a stem gives the design a more modern appearance. These are a less formal option than wine glasses with stems.

The Disadvantages of Going Stemless

While stemless wine glasses have several advantages, including the ones described above, they also have a few disadvantages. For one, stemless glasses lack a stem that can be used to support them.

Another is that the great majority of wines are served at a temperature that is only slightly lower than room temperature, holding a glass by the stem can help retain the wine at a more appropriate sipping temperature. Typically, the bowl of stemless wine glasses is used to hold the glass. Some may even enjoy swirling the wine using a stemmed glass because the experience feels more authentic to them. Because of this, wine purists and sommeliers favour stemware, especially for more formal events. 

The Wine Glass That Deserves Your Attention

At this point, every wine lover must know beyond the wine of their choice. In increasing your knowledge of wines, you must also know the type of glass you should use and invest in. Now that you are more familiar with stemless wine glasses, you should consider them for your next wine night.

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